Sunday, 21 February 2010

A Rainy Day...

Time in London... 9:45 am. About ready to venture out on my three mile run, when my running partner comes to knock on my door and tell me it's pouring. So I look at the forecast and it's supposed to rain for the next six days, with little to no sun. Welcome to my life.

Since being back from Paris, I have just been coasting. School has not been a priority, due to the fact that I only have to get a C in all of my classes to just get credit for them anyways. Projects are due, tests are beginning to come my way, and really, life should be a lot more stressful than it is. On a typical day, I usually find myself house hunting, job hunting, facebooking, learning more about twitter, running, and hanging out with my pals.

As summer is approaching I have come up with a list of things I want to do...
  • Live close to Drake and hang out with my Drake people I've missed so much
  • Hang out with Katy and watch Glee reruns and movies galore
  • Volunteering in the downtown area with homeless
  • Helping Joey out with IV worship team
  • Get a car that works
  • Visit Morgan and Jackie in MN
  • Run a half-marathon in MN
  • Visit Colorado and do some hiking and relaxing
  • A trip to Chicago, not during Taste of Chicago, most definitely
  • Making it back to Pella to see all my lovely friends that I don't see enough
As of now, I'm half-committed to nannying this summer as well as volunteering at Hoyt Sherman Place to get experience in Event Coordinating. I have a lot to look forward to and so much figuring out to do, but I'm faithful that everything will fall into place as it should.

The last couple weekends have consisted of... visiting Hard Rock Cafe (definitely always worth the wait for legit American food), planning my mom's visit, shopping visit to Anthropologie, eating out Mexican, watching This Is It, Victoria and Albert museum, projects galore, and seeing Valentine's Day.

Julie comes in 12 days, and my trip to Edinburgh, Scotland is in five days. I've essentially been threatened by my younger brother to get pictures of the first golf course although that doesn't sound extremely appealing to me. Anything for you little brother. I'm working on my collection of postcards to send, but surprisingly enough, London doesn't have that many spots to buy touristy things. As the weekend slips away, I am faced with the reality of school yet again.

I gave up complaining for Lent, so if there is any bit of complaining in here, I have failed.


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