Wednesday, 24 March 2010

You met WHO?!

This past week, we had the wonderful opportunity to go to a movie premier in Leicester Square. It was a Wednesday, meaning I'd have to skip my afternoon classes, but I wasn't about to regret it. The movie that was premiering was Remember Me, featuring Robert Pattinson and Emilie de Ravin. We arrived about five hours early and sat on the side of the road until the little gates were put up. The waiting seemed to fly by and when six o'clock hit, we were on our toes to meet Rob Patt. For those of you who don't know Robert Pattinson, he's essentially the main character in the Twilight books, aside from Bella. Anyways, he's dreamy in the books, and although he's not super handsome in real life, everyone associates him with his character, which for some reason, dudes just can't understand, ever. After our wait, numerous cars came up and after the fourth or fifth car, out came my future husband. I mean Rob. Girls were screaming, jumping, yelling, and doing everything possible to get him to come their way. He made his rounds and eventually got to us. I was nervous and I have no idea why! We asked for a picture and he said yes, but of course some girl cut us off. No fair! I touched his arm and that was about it. Overall, the experience was exhilarating and intense, but I'm glad I went. To meet a celebrity is quite rare when you happen to be from Iowa. Not even Iowa, but Pella, Iowa.

The rest of the week consisted of me having some sort of virus or bug in my stomach, keeping me in bed for long periods of time. Our school group went to Stonehenge and Bath on March 20, a Saturday trip, and it was of course, rainy and cloudy and windy. I was still feeling very nauseous, but I made it through. Stonehenge was, well, stones and a lot grass around it. We could only see it from a distance because apparently people used to chip part of it off when they visited to be like "hey look I got a piece of Stonehenge"! It was definitely worth seeing because it's got such weird and different stories behind it. Like how on earth did these stones get here? No one really knows. I'll have to ask the big G in heaven someday. We went to the bath house in Bath afterwards and that was really neat. Again, England is filled with history, which absolutely fascinates me, I just wish I could retain it. My London History class should help me with that one!

On Sunday, I decided to venture out to Hillsong church, which I had been wanting to forever, but was too scared to go alone. Well, I did it, just like a big girl, and it was just fine. I met a girl, Tiffany, who invited me to a pub/lunch afterwards. I met this awesome guy Mark who was so friendly and made me feel so welcome with all of them. They told me they would get in touch Sunday to save me a seat, so who knows, maybe they really liked me? :)

This week has been pretty typical... grocery shopping, laundry, reading for classes, actually going to classes, and reading Harry Potter. I've just started the fifth book after Jackie and I ventured to Notting Hill's library, which was approximately the size of my dorm room. At least they had the book! My friend Leah invited me to go to Billy Elliot the musical, so we're going to show up and see if they have any cheap tickets left for the show tonight. I have spent a good portion of today packing for my trip tomorrow... Brussels! I am very excited to venture out to Belgium. They have lots of yummy food there I've heard, so I'm bringing my stretchy jeans.

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