Sunday, 17 January 2010

Recently, it's been rainy and semi depressing around here. I've been sleeping and have a lack of motivation to do much. The image on the left is where I spend a lot of my time, my dorm. I am the third level. The past few days my school took us a few different places. Friday night was my first experience at a "boat party." There was a bar on both levels of the boat and on the upper level was a dance floor. Thank God no one threw up on me or fell off the boat. I spent a lot of the night worrying about that...

Saturday I bailed on the Southbank Walking Tour because of the nasty rain. One thing I would recommend to anyone traveling to London is bring rain boots, or wellies as they call them. I took an adventure to High Street to get a new cell phone and sign up for a gym membership for 99 pounds for four months. Now all I have to do is use it well and get in shape since one of my new years resolutions is to run a half marathon in the fall. Later that evening I experienced a tour of Jack the Ripper. I obviously didn't know what I was getting myself into. No one knows who this creepy serial killer is who cut open five different prostitutes bodies and sewed them back up, but we were taken to all the places where the bodies were left. The tour guide was passionate and definitely knew how to creep me out. I would highly recommend it although it was a little disturbing. We went to a sports cafe after. Not sure why I chose to go since sports are not appealing to me, but I have this thought that maybe if I keep watching them I'll suddenly like them so I tried. It didn't work.

Today is Sunday and we toured Chelsea stadium which was incredible! I don't know anything about soccer, especially professional soccer. I bet there's not even a difference, but I wouldn't know. We saw their locker rooms, the press room, stadium, etc. We always take the wrong way on the tube but somehow manage to get back even if it takes an hour or more. I took a workout class with Bess and pretty much got my booty kicked by this extremely ripped black woman. She wasn't afraid to point out how weak I was either... in front of everyone. Not sure if I will be going back to that class. The only thing I enjoyed was her singing of Kelly Clarkson. I can only imagine how much my body will be hating me in the morning.
Classes start tomorrow! I'm excited but not really. I met some people in my classes which is comforting. I am also currently planning some trips. So far I have signed up for Scotland, Portugal, Stonehenge, Rome, Paris, and Oxford. Wales and Brussels are next, just gotta make sure my bank account can handle it.

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  1. love the updates! keep them coming! miss you! :)